Post thunderous success of Note 4, you can’t really ignore anything as midrange stuff.  I think Nexus line-up devices from Google are going to follow perfectly as it is being witnessed with Note series. In fact, time has come when it is being compared with the so-called big names. Without making any further delay, let’s have a comparative dig between the recently released Galaxy S6, and Google Nexus 6. One thing is sure, which ever may be the winner, but the compilation is never really unfair.


Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 6: Size

Nexus 6 is a huge device. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are perfectly dwarfed by Nexus 6. Not only in height, Nexus 6 is about twenty percent broader as well, and about 45 percent denser than the Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge in comparison. if you want big screen than wait for Galaxy note 5 release.

Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 6: Body and Weight

Being a huge device, Nexus 6 has to carry some more weight. The product weighs 184 gram, where as Galaxy S6 weighs 138 gram, and S6 Edge 132 gram.

Samsung has added some more number of fans in to list offering Gorilla Glass protection. In fact, Google Nexus 6 feels premium, at least in comparison to its predecessors having a nice aluminium frame. Still, S6 and S6 edge have managed to stay ahead as the rear plastic frame reduces quality up to many extents. For the better use, it’s recommended to go with the Galaxy S6 cases.

Galaxy S6 vs. Nexus 6: Colours

Galaxy S6 comes in blue, white, and golden colour editions, and S6 Edge in Blue, White and Green. However, Google Nexus 6 comes in dual colour edition of Blue and White.

Galaxy S6 vs. Nexus 6: Display

Both Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge, flaunts a 5.1” display, where as Google Nexus 6 sports an impressive frame of 5.96”. When it comes about discussing the quality, you can’t really find any difference though Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge make a combination of 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution with 577 ppi density. On the other hand, Google Nexus 6 has the display of same 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, but the pixel density count this time is 493 ppi.

All three pack AMOLED display. Interestingly, only Galaxy S6 Edge goes with a curved display pattern, but the other two have nothing such.

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Galaxy S6 vs. Nexus 6: Fingerprint sensor

Well, without any dilemma addition of touch based fingerprint sensor makes Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge fan making this time, and Nexus 6 misses it definitely. The touch based pattern is certainly impressive in comparison with the swipe kind fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy S6 vs. Nexus 6: Camera

All three are pretty impressive on this context. Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge pack 16 MP main end and 5 MP front end camera, where as Google Nexus 6 boats a 13 MP option at the rear end, along a 2 MP front facing shooter. To avoid wavering capture, all three have Optical Image Stabilization.


Nexus 6 has been thoroughly impressive in terms of battery back-up. Especially, the uptime is just superb, no matter you keep on intense video streaming, and the battery sinks just about twelve percent in an hour.

Coming to Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, both have to face intense criticism in terms of non removable battery, and lacking water resistive feature. check out best galaxy s6 cases on